Logo and Corporate Identity for a Dating Website

Logo and Corporate Identity, Printed Materials, Website

Diolli.com is an international dating agency with over 10 years of history. We were to re-launch the project by designing a new visual image, namely – to create their logo, corporate identity, design for printed materials, as well as develop a website.

The structure of Diolli.com includes a sub-agency, Paradise Date, whose new logo, identity and corporate website we designed as well. The two subdivisions of the company perform inverse tasks. Diolli.com works with the male audience, and Paradise Date – with the female one.

With Diolli.com and their male audience, we went for a conservative and elegant approach. There is no abundant mush, but there is a sense of soundness, reliability, and, and certain intimacy. We chose noble brown carton and design elements implying the style of expensive whisky for the printed materials.

It was important for us to avoid stereotypical solutions when it came to choosing the illustrations. We chose photos that would represent chic elegance and class for the printed materials and the website. Some pictures were tinted. All these genetic features helped us build an expressive and expensive image. The project’s success was proved by the website’s victory at the industry conference in the nomination of “Best Design of a Dating Agency”.

Paradise Date

Logo and Corporate Identity, Printed Materials, Website

The work on this project turned out to be fun. In the beginning, the client asked us to avoid using hearts or wedding rings in the logo. We were sincerely glad to leave banality behind; however, in the working process we found a perfect solution using these seemingly boring associations. Original combination of two rings formed a new emotional sign. It proves once again that not only the idea, but the execution, too, is exceptionally important.

As we said, the logo is a combination of two wedding rings forming a heart. It is completed with a neat font composition with the agency’s name.

Just as with Diolli.com, we designed printed materials and website. Of course, the corporate design of Paradise Date is more romantic, colorful and sensuous.


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