Package Design for Premium Cookies

Package Design

“Elizabeth’s Recipes” is a brand of cookies produced by the Ukrainian company V.A.N Foods. Technologies for producing cookies have been brought in from Europe. However, the recipes were composed by Ukrainian pastry chefs, albeit under the influence of classic European tastes.

The agency was asked to design a line of cookies of five SKU with such flavors as chocolate, coconut, mocca, pistachios, peanut, and almond.

“Elizabeth’s Recipes” is a name that refers to Western Europe and to a popular feminine name. In our design we maintained the idea of classic reserved elegance. We chose a pattern imitating a homey tablecloth as the key stylistic element. It is a subtle reminder of coziness, comfort, and something we call a home.

The spot colors on the package’s sides create visual dynamics and continuity. Each SKU has its own color duplicated on the front of the package.

Two types of product photos were used for this design: the composition of cookies and key ingredients, and the image of the cookies on a tablecloth. The shoot was performed by our agency.

This successful project let us build a solid visual platform for the future development of our line.

Aleksandr Volkov, V.A.N Foods CEO



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