Coffee Shop Branding

Logo, Corporate Identity

“Hello! Coffee” is a small shopping mall coffee-point. The task was to update the form of an archaic coffee shop. Traditional images and style de-identified the object in the customer’s eyes, which affected the economic success of the place. We suggested full-scale restyling.

The changes started with the name. Our agency prepared several options, of which the client chose “Hello ! Coffee”. The logo continues the concept of greetings and good will. The sign is based on simple images: a stylized cup and a smile. This way we formed an image of joy brought by the favorite drink. “Hello!”, it says. “What about a cup of coffee?”

Working on the project, we updated the design for shopping space, cups, menus, communication items, baristas’ uniforms, and some other goodies. Besides, we fashioned packages for coffee and tea by weight.

“Hello! Coffee” is a special case for us. The client had never ordered design or branding before. It was a true challenge for them to invest not only in equipment and advertisement, but also in the concept, design and realization of corporate identity. We are happy to know that our design promoted the business’s success.

Working with SSN I realized that choosing design was like choosing clothes in a store. When you see “your” thing, you notice it at once.

Vyacheslav Kitsenko, Hello! Coffee


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