Logo, corporate style

Ingenue — a large Ukrainian network of boutiques offering premium undergarments to customers. The collection is not limited only to underwear, but also includes a large selection of accessories.

The history of the company spans nearly two decades. In that time, the shops have acquired an established visual image that is familiar to customers. However, that image needed an update.

In the course of the work we withdrew from the traditional, but somewhat romantic calligraphic writing of the name, which was replaced by a more restrained and graphical font solution.

Furthermore, a somewhat archaic lily was replaced by an anagram formed by the first and last letters of the title.

Together with the new logo, the elements of corporate identity design, packaging, communication, and design of input groups have changed. The general corporate style is built on the aesthetics of design simplicity as such, but at the same time, the emphasis is on premium materials and printing methods.

The new corporate style of Ingenue "matured" and became purer and more expressive. The former romanticism was replaced by a restrained elegant beauty.


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