Four & a Half Bicycles


There Already Is One

By: Karina Litvinenko

Sometimes in our SSN Design office we run out of honey, the Internet connection crushes, or people disappear. Nevertheless, even in the coldest and darkest February day there is at least one bicycle there. Some vintage steel road bike.

The bikes change throughout the year. It reminds us of a purse: a girl always has her favorite one that suits both work and dates. Yet she has others – for special moods or special occasions. Most of the time the office enjoys the presence of a road bike with a French frame Motobecane. Sometimes we have “Start-Chaussees” by XB3, Peugeot and Mercier. These bikes are put together to the liking of Zhenya Sokolenko. They feature the abovementioned frames, and other parts are picked from other bikes from the same era. These ride bikes are around 30–40 years old.

Recently Zhenya decided to assemble a completely black bicycle with Giant frame. The frame is already in the office. On a windowsill. Instead of a plant.


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