Everything You Need To Know About Cocktail Culture


A Project That Tempts

By: Karina Litvinenko

Sometimes we come across projects that not only try our professionalism but also truly tempt us. The work on “Cocktail Book” for Pernod Ricard Ukraine was exactly such a case. How we wanted to crush strawberries, squeeze lemon juice, sprinkle islands whisky, and then drink it all up... For two months straight.

For two months that we spent working on the project, we consoled ourselves thinking that it was not our proclivity to alcoholism but ingenuity of designer, translator, photographer and videographer. We could not resist descriptions such as “Pousse-café are layered liqueur drinks. One should drink them layer after layer, finishing with a cup of coffee”. Just the same, we could not resist the short videos of a professional bartender with beautiful hands mixing a drink in the shaker and cutting strawberries. It was truly spectacular when he topped off the drink with red wine.

The fear of becoming sophisticated addicts left us only after we finished the project. Yet, the book still beckons us from its shelf from time to time.


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