Three Peas in a Rod


Social Networks with an Idea

By: Karina Litvinenko

Do you agree that if a company has a designer and a copywriter, they can conquer the world? We strongly believe that, and put our minds to it, too, even if it’s only virtual world that we conquer for now. To be more exact, we maintain social networks for our favorite clients.

We have a theory: social networks tend to be more and more like mass media, or, rather, like full-scale magazines. Of course, it’s true not only for personal pages, but for corporate ones, too. Brands used to post pictures with special offers and new products with no care in the world, but not anymore. Now they have to create either mood stories or useful content. And by useful we mean content that tells you how to make a fire and cook a steak on it, but rather content that you can boast about in a sophisticated crowd of intellectuals. That’s what we make, in this exact order: analysis of competitors’ communication, development of strategy and content plan, visual styling, and posts, infinite posts…

SSN Design portfolio includes three SMM cases. All three of them are for Ukrainian-made cookies, but they are completely different in their concepts and moods. Aktiva is a page for active people who love sports, and not only for pictures of impressive naked six-packs. Elizabeth’s Recipes is a community that reminds of an elegant salon where fashion, music, and arts are discussed; the posts here are made in the first person. Melinda is a community that praises one’s aspiration to enjoy life to the fullest and not to put off things for later.


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