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Coffee Will Never Be the Same Again

By: Evgeny Sokolenko

One of our favorite projects is branding for UP&GO Coffee coffee shop in Kharkiv. It’s a small coffee point in the heart of the city, yet the amounts of love and effort into it were worth a huge systems project.

Why did we bother so much? First, this democratic project promised to become a game changer for the coffee industry due to the new format and style. We were bound to love and accept it. Second, a carte blanche allowed us to do whatever we pleased.

That is why the pleasure was double: you get to do what you like while destroying stereotypes in a way. At the time, coffee design was dominated by warm coffee shades, enticing slogans about pleasure from every sip, and coffee beans… Coffee beans were everywhere. We simply needed to vacuum clean this obsolete décor, leaving a minimalistic logo, simple colors, and clear images.

We based the visual style on a black cup. By the way, the black cup was a novelty in itself. We learnt it from the printing house: a clear black color had never been used on the market before due to certain technological difficulties. Besides, we came up with the slogan “Daily Inspiration” and combined it with stylized wings as a symbol of freedom of self-expression and creativity. We wanted to create a product that the city’s creative and progressive youth, as well as all cool and interesting folks, would accept as their own.

It is hard to present this project as a case, because we produced a lot of materials. We haven’t been supporting the coffee shop design-wise for a while now. However, it still has SSN Design’s spirit in it. Feel it.


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