Package Design for Cookies with Four SKU

Package Design

V.A.N Foods-produced cookies. The product’s concept formed by the client: cookies for lively and romantic girls. Our design was to communicate the rich fruit flavor of the cookies, as well as to imply the natural ingredients used in the recipe.

The line consists of four SKUs. We built the design on several visual dominants: large font block, expressive style-forming spot, and a composition of cookies and fruit in the ingredients. These components are united via color-coding of bright, contrasting at times, yet harmonious shades. Package design for “Melinda” cookies is an example of creating style and representing the product’s flavor through color.

The photos of the cookies were made by our agency.

We created a fantastic recipe for this product. It’s great that the package’s design matches the spirit and quality of the actual cookies.

Aleksandr Volkov, V.A.N Foods CEO


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