“Cocktail Book” for Bartenders

Development and design of “Cocktail Book”

Pernod Ricard is the world’s biggest manufacturer of prime hard liquors. The company’s brand portfolio includes such icons as Chivas, Jameson, Absolut, Becherovka, Martell, Havana Club, Ballantine’s, The Glenlivet and other renowned brands.

A key distribution channel is cooperation with bars. Raising bar culture and the bartenders’ qualification is an important part of work in this domain.

The agency won the tender held by the Ukrainian office of Pernod Ricard, and was assigned to develop design concept and make up the Cocktail Book. This volume was to be a guide for practicing bartenders, bar owners and people interested in the bar game.

The task comprised of designing the book itself, arranging a photoshoot of cocktails, adapting the texts, and shooting twenty videos on mixing drinks. The book’s zest is the focus on key cocktails. Some of them are tagged with QR-codes that lead to the videos about mixing them. It makes a classic printed edition interactive.

In our work on the book’s design we found inspiration in bar entourage. It resulted in loads of black in the volume’s layout and jobbing fonts used for headings, because they implicitly remind us of neon signs.

The cover features an imprint of a shaker — the classical bartender’s attribute.

The edition includes over 150 pictures of cocktails taken by the photographer Roman Yeremenko as part of the project. Aleksandr Skubach, the Pernod Ricard Ukraine brand ambassador, made significant contribution to the working process. Not only did he mix the cocktails for the photoshoot or star as the bartender in the videos, but also he wrote the text part of the book, actualizing the cocktails’ recipes.

It’s our pleasure to note that we co-operated with Pernod Ricard Ukraine on-trade department when working on this project. Their share of effort made this project a success.

“Everything you need to know about bar culture”, — the cover says. But it’s definitely not everything that can be said about this exciting project, completed with short timeframes.


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