Logo and Corporate Identity Update

Logo Update, Corporate Identity

Telesens is a big IT company that’s been building complex projects for communication industry for 20 years now. Their logo was designed in the late 90s. Since then it has grown obsolete, and it demanded an update.

We had a task to alter the sign while keeping the font. We got rid of the archaic pseudo-volume and chose a clear light green shade traditional for Telesens. This cosmetic renovation was the first step of the company towards the revival of their image as a whole.

In order to create a varied visual platform for corporate identity we designed an original corporate pattern. We used it as a base for graphic illustrations of the company’s products and solutions. The same stylistic approach was used for corporate printed media, internal navigation and official records.

The new corporate identity’s concept also held the potential of using short ironic “Captain Obvious”-like phrases. This laconic approach made the pragmatic IT company’s communication more open and human.

The whole set of materials is presented in a guide for using corporate identity.


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