Logo and Corporate Identity for A Photo Studio

Logo and Corporate Identity

United Art Hall is an ambitious project of a photo studio and a creative space with conference halls, cafes and other spaces fit for working. The key place in UAH is a professional fully equipped photo studio consisting of several themed rooms and a make-up room. Our agency was to develop a logo and corporate identity for the project, as well as a communication platform for social networks.

There are hardly any analogues to the UAH project in Ukraine. Yet the representatives of photo industry often use direct associations with photo technologies in their identity. These two factors considered we took up the responsibility of completely refusing to use any elements of photo technologies, building the sign on a neutral image of the “U” letter instead. To emphasize the emotion we added an exclamation point: “U!”

A laconic sign provided us with a flexible platform for creating adaptive identity. Depending on the context, the sign, with the help of patterns, assumes various stylistic features, but remains recognizable still. There are indefinite variations to “U!” At the same time, the sign can take the central place in the making of any and all communicational materials: posters, promo layouts, or announcements in social networks.

Apart from the responsive sign we designed basic features of corporate identity, decided on the basic color palette and fonts, formed the initial library of patterns and plots for the logo adaptation. We also designed internal navigation and modular grid for creating posts in social networks.

The whole set of materials is presented in a guide for using corporate identity.

Designers managed to really get inside my head, find the project’s positioning and philosophy in there, and then give it all a marketing spin, creating the final design.

Vlad Yasko, CEO



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